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Happy Release Day: Jermaine Landsberger – With Heart and Soul

His current, new piano trio with drummer Donald Edwards and bassist Darryl Hall is a complete New York affair.

With these musicians, Jermaine Landsberger has now recorded an album of largely original compositions. He also brought in Marcel Löffler on accordion, Tony Lakatos on saxophone and Axel Schlosser on trumpet. As a reminiscence of the great representative of Manouche Jazz, he also chose two titles by Django Reinhardt for the recordings.

“With this album I have fulfilled my heart’s desire. In recent years I have always had the desire to record an album with my own songs and my own handwriting, to make music that is close to my heart, music that reflects my thoughts, my inspirations, and my inner self. Donald Edwards and Darryl Hall played an important part in this endeavor.” So Landsberger after completion of the recordings.

As a CD, the album will be released on 11.11.2022 in stores (EC 615).
Digitally and on all streaming platforms, the tracks will be released song by song.

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Listen to the music: