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The world musician Evelyn Huber, who is a Bavarian Culture Prize awardee and has been awarded with the ECHO twice, as part of the formation “Quadro Nuevo”, has found the time, despite her diverse concerts and activities, to go new solo ways with her unusual instrument – uncommon, surprising.
Evelyn Huber playing the harp is already a special sound experience: devotedly fiery or atmospheric meditative. Inspired by tango, jazz, Impressionism and the Latin American way of life, she developed a unique style of music, which is supported by her sunny temperament and dedication to music. With plenty of charm, enthusiasm and technical perfection Evelyn Huber brings unheard soundscapes to vibrate on the harp.Huber created a new sound for “Inspire”, with her harp as the harmonic center. With Matthias Frey on the grand piano and Christopher Herrmann on cello, she gathered downright empathetic musicians at her side, who nevertheless bring their own color on board. With percussive supplementation by Ramesh Shotham and Wolfgang Lohmeier she created an album of almost exactly one hour, detached from current listeners’ expectations.
Huber tells a meandering, sometimes rhythmically pushing forward, little bit enchanting and border dissolving story. For her it is important, that the titles are not regarded in isolation. They are inseparable and seem like an anchor, trying to achieve a subtle calming effect. An album that combines large amplitudes almost recklessly. Poetic and tender, but also dynamic and often unexpectedly powerful for a harp.

Original compositions are becoming more and more important to her, she says. On “Inspire” these compositions get the canvas they deserve. Her songs are supplemented by pieces of Frey and Herrmann, which integrate seamlessly in the total work of art. Her works are often created in a state of calmness and concentration, Huber says. They appear lightweight and unplanned and act very intuitive, linked to emotion and passion, like a gentle glow or the fresh wind of a very early summer day. “Inspire” reflects Evelyn Huber passion for her concert harp and the associated sound possibilities. She sees herself here as an unconventional musician who sends her instrument into unseen worlds.

Evelyn Huber is internationally one of the few harpists who is able to challenge the great orchestral harp to diverse and innovative musical sides. She is regarded as an absolute musical exception both in the jazz and in the World Music scene. The musician studied her instrument at the Munich Music Academy to the soloist’s diploma and worked there as assistant professor from 1998 to 2009.


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