Giovanni Costello – Splendido


Giovanni Costello Vocals, Piano
Hank de Laat Double Bass
Ron van Stratum Drums

Giovanni Costello – loving, charming, splendido

With the new album “SPLENDIDO” (which means loving, wonderful, charming), artist Giovanni Costello shows his own songs and lyrics for the first time. Finally he is able to show with his band how he really is, what is dear to him.

Most people learned about Giovanni Costello in 2011, when he was a candidate during the first season of “The Voice of Germany”, and where he was elected to the team of Xavier Naidoo. After the show, he gained great popularity when he toured Germany as the opener for Xavier Naidoo’s “Sing for your life”.

Afterwards the motto of Giovanni Costello was not “Sing for your life” but “Sing about your life”. Giovanni tells in his songs – he has become more mature, but his charm and his wit still accompany him. And he is a hopeless romantic.

From an early age Giovanni Costello was drawn to the stage and at the age of 18 he toured with his band through Italy. After completing his studies in music at the Conservatoire in Perugia, he successfully studied composition in Milan.

His current songs were composed by Giovanni on the piano, mixing jazz with elements from pop and cantautore. He arranged drums and double bass and, in one or the other song, also accordion. Giovanni Costello lovingly calls the piano the “instrument of the heart.” His warm, smoky voice creates a very personal and intimate mood.

At the double bass, his longtime friend and companion Hank de Laat accompanies him. He studied jazz, contemporary music and classical double bass at the Music Conservatory in Rotterdam. On the drums you can hear Ron van Stratum. He studied classical percussion at the Conservatory in Tilburg and jazz drums at the Conservatory in Maastricht.
But not only his own songs can be heard on the album, Giovanni Costello also interprets classics by Zucchero, Lucio Dalla, Mina and Paolo Conte, whose music has always inspired him. Pe Werner’s “Kribbeln im Bauach” with an Italian text by Giovanni completes the album.

One Song of the album Giovanni Costello composed together with his then 6-year-old son: “La Mela” (the apple) sounds light and cheerful, but is a song with deeper meaning: “Try not to please, stay true to yourself, because no one will thank you, if you give too much. ”


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