Klezmeyers – Moravica

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Franziska Orso clarinet
Robert Keßler guitar
David Hagen bass

The Klezmeyers, founded 20 years ago by Franziska Orso, remain faithful to themselves on their new album, to be more specific faithful to their infidelity to any musical convention. The new album “Moravica” is a continuation of the last album “Emilia’s Lächeln”. On “Moravica” they are picking up even more intensely influences from traditionals and world music.

“Moravica” – that is the name of the river, which originates in the birthplace in Romania of a dear person to the band. Like the river – exciting, diverse, unique and fresh – so is the music on this album.

The band’s own compositions are inspired by special places and special people. And so “Moravica” is about the beginning of a life but also about its end and everything that happens to us in between. Even from the encounter with death, something new and immortal can emerge: the intro of “Moravica” and “butterfly heaven” are dedicated to a person very close-knit to a band member.

“Moravica” is the attempt to understand life as a journey, to places and to people. This explains the diverse musical components such as Klezmer Jazz, Blues, Flamenco and Brasil.

Just on the Volga river, the album takes us to the Sugar Loaf, the stream of Moravica suddenly flows through Provence, a blues sounds on its banks and the Spanish village of Ronda suddenly seems to be transported to the green coast of Ireland. The three Klezmeyers fro, Berlin Franziksa Orso, Robert Keßler and David Hagen again seem to fuse opposites to their own style.

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