Raúl Jaurena Trio – Tango Mundo


The new compositions are exciting, as well as the traditional tangos, which build the base for the solos of every band member. The traditional tango hosts several rhythms and playing varieties like Milonga, Yumba, Candombe or the classical Tango-Marcato with his “sincopas”. All these are the basis for the feeling of the new compositions. The songs “Missing Romy” and “Loca Milonga” show some improvisation, the typical element of Jazz, which separates them from the most tango ensembles.

Raúl Jaurena experienced the variety of different tango styles during many decades. He once lived in Chile in an apartment community with Astor Piazolla. At the same time he was always open-minded for various musical influences and collaborated with artists like Paquito D ̀Rivera,  Yo-Yo Ma or Giora Feidman.

Bobbi Fischer’s and Veit Hübner’s first recording is a couple of years in the past. While working with their ensemble “Tango Five”, which was founded in 1988, the motivation arose to explore the Argentinian tango. It seemed like a godsend, when Veit Hübner met Raúl Jaurena. Since that time the musicians perform as the “Raúl Jaurena Trio“.

Inspired by their collaboration the musicians visited several tango festivals in Buenos Aires and Montevideo, where they found plenty of inspiration for their own musical productions. To this day these experiences were the most important influences for the compositions of the trio.After the release of “Tangofriends” in 2011, this year the second studio album of the trio will be released.

After a concert in the library hall of the monastery in Ochsenhausen the trio had the idea for a new CD. Especially the unique sound in this area was convincing enough for them to record the new compositions in this extraordinary environment. With the use of a mobile recording studio, which was built into an old VW-Bus, it was possible to realize the recordings in the area of the monastery.

The new release “Tango Mundo” shows an energetic trio, which demonstrates its variety over 19 tracks.


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