Andreas Hinterseher

Andreas Hinterseher loves traveling.

From his earliest childhood days on, he traced foreign countries and people – first yearningly with his fingers on a map, then musically on the accordeon, and now extensively with the quartet Quadro Nuevo, and together with the exceptional violinist Martina Eisenreich.

He is married to the accordeon, grew up as as folk musician, learned Tango and Musette from his French friends, studied classical music and jazz cum laude, served in the theater, but it has always been simply the basic sound of the instrument that captivates him.

Influenced by Art van Damme, Piazzolla, Galliano, Matinier, Coscia, Saluzzi and many more, he gets the „soul of the instrument“, the accordeon bag to tell stories, cry, screech, sob, breathe and throb.

The many travels are a source of inspiration that no musician can live without. You can hear all that in Andreas Hinterseher’s accordeon: the Italian street musicians, nordic melancholia, French levity or the earnestness of classical music.

And one other thing for sure – his endless love for music.

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“It is only in quarantine that we really realise that it is first and foremost the people we miss. And so I have gathered my faithful companions, my instruments around me, to cast all facets of this longing in music. It is the best and most immediate comfort in every situation. In it we can lose ourselves, come together and always find new courage.” (Andreas Hinterseher)

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