Café del Mundo – In Passion


Jan Pascal flamenco guitar
Alexander Kilian flamenco guitar

Side A
1. One Fine Day (Café del Mundo)
2. La Fiesta (Chick Corea)
3. Uma Bossa (Café del Mundo)
4. Homenaje A Paco (Café del Mundo)
5. Tico Tico No Fubá (Café del Mundo)
6. Jueves (Café del Mundo)

Side B
1. Arabian Nights (Café del Mundo)
2. Leon Dormido (Café del Mundo)
3. Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho (Al di Meola / Paco de Lucia)
4. Gypsy Spirit (Café del Mundo)
5. Danza Espagnol (Enrique Granados)

Bonus tracks on the attached CD
7. La Perla (live) (Café del Mundo)
10. Tempodrom (Café del Mundo)

Café del Mundo – in passion

A distinctive concert hall, the seats sold out, simple yet elegant lighting, two inspired artists step onto the stage and give in to their passion in the most intimate way. These are the ingredients for a concert evening with an almost magical appearance. Music bubbles up without restriction, improvisation, melancholy and the joy of playing, powerful, free, unleashed: the flamenco guitar!

Initially, the flirting dialogue of the two counterparts beguiles and, in an instant, flares up into a wild contest, transforming the concert hall into an arena. Another element is added, the audience, which joins in with silence or applause and drives the players to unguessed-at levels.

The Flamenco – attached to the earth by the feet, hands lifted to the sky – is grounded and yet transcendental at the same time. Strong images dwell in the sources which, from the roots of the past, make present and future come to life.

For the first time, Café del Mundo has included recordings of classics by for instance Enrique Granados, Paco de Lucia and Chick Corea. After three encores and standing ovations, a memorable concert comes to an end – unlike the development of Jan Pascal (1975) and Alexander Kilian (1987) which has only just started with this open devotion to passion!


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