LAURA – Quiet Land

Release: 02.07.2021

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Laura Kipp – Gesang
Jens Loh – Bass
William Lecomte – Piano
Eckard Stromer – Schlagzeug
Joo Kraus – Trompete
Christoph Neuhaus – Gitarre
Markus Harm – Saxofon
Paulinho Vincente – Perkussion
Luca Bognár – Geige
Annette Köhler – Geige
Natscha Stromer – Bratsche
Delphine Henriet – Cello

As a hardened Jazz Critic who has heard and seen hundreds of singers over the years, unfortunately it becomes harder and harder to impress me.  However, Laura Kipp doesnt fail to impress from the outset.  Despite her age she is so mature, well travelled and charismatic and this comes across in her voice. Her far reaching travels from her homeland in Swabia Germany to Paris, from New York to Los Angeles are  also reflected in her broad range of styles, from  brilliant songwriter ballads to punchy jazz vocals, from soulful blues to string saturated glamorous  Hollywood sounds .  She has already internalised that unique power of jazz which she combines with her own individual expression together with collaborative creativity. She builds on this with a confidence in her amazing voice, her songwriting as well as the combined skills of her band members, the arrangements of both her mentor and bassist Jens Loh along with the expertise of Cornelius Claudio Kreusch as the producer and distributer. The result is irresistible and quite rare in the German Jazz scene.     Young Jazz musicians today can be obsessed with the experimental style, she has moved beyond this and her style, can only be described in the best sense of the term as “old fashioned“ with a modern twist. It is simply pure musical pleasure for those who love a bit of sophistication.


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