Martin Kälberer – Morgenland

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Martin Kälberer piano, prepared piano, hang, metal harmonics, vibrandoneon, percussions, vocals

After last year’s double CD / double LP SUONO, Martin Kälberer follows up with his new EP “morgenland”.

“My music is always a description of the state of mind and, ultimately, always the attempt to draw a musical picture of the world, the way I am currently experiencing it. Therefore, it is only natural that the music constantly changes on stage and so the thought came up to take these changes into account, after playing SUONO one year live on stage and, so to say, give a small musical update.

Unlike SUONO, however, there is no subdivision in “pure piano” and “metal sounds”, but rather the intuitive grip in the large paintbox. This is how the piano, the prepared piano, the hang and other metal harmonics, vibrandoneon, percussions of all kinds and my voice are mixed into one.

The suite morgenland was created, a reflection in five parts which are valid as a whole as well as in their individual parts.

There have been many new thoughts and emotions in these five titles, and quite unintentionally – but inevitably – the main theme of the EP has emerged – everything revolves around movement, change, destruction, migration, escape, arriving, new beginnings.

For example, the title “gibellina” is dedicated to a place in Italy that was completely destroyed by an earthquake, then was decayed for decades, and finally was resurrected through an art project, giving it a completely new destiny and thus a new life. This peculiarly ambivalent mood has inevitably challenged equally opposing musical emotions.

Current events also call for a (first of all musical) opinion, and so aleppo is the expression of my horrified speechlessness in the face of the humanitarian disaster in Syria.

With “found again (reprise)” I took up a theme from SUONO, which I varied, expanded and re-recorded.

For this title and gibellina I created videos, but not by putting together music and pictures afterwards, but by capturing the exact moment, in which the recording was created, which is also the same on the CD. This was very important to me, because with all the technical possibilities – which I always try and use – the unique moment in which things are adding up, simply happen, surprise myself – are what I am looking for. ”

– Martin Kälberer

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