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International Jazz Day

For todays International Jazz Day here is our playlist with more than four hours of music:


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New Release: Garden City (feat. Cairo Opera Orchestra, Nayer Nagui) Live from Cairo Steps

New Release: Garden City (feat. Cairo Opera Orchestra – COO – أوركسترا أوبرا القاهرةNayer Nagui) Live from Cairo Steps كايرو ستيبس

It’s a new launch for Cairo Steps demonstrating how Egyptian music can be presented with a modern orchestral jazzy sound,it was the first collaboration between Cairo Steps and Cairo Opera Orchestra conducted by the famous Egyptian Conductor Nayer Nagui .

Garden City is one of the wealthy residential districts in Cairo established 1880 and Its quiet, windy, tree-lined streets, beautiful gardens, and elegant, ornamental palaces . Garden City was modeled after an English garden suburb meant to radiate tranquility and security.

Basem Darwisch composition Garden City illustrates the atmosphere ,evoking the story of this area while walking through the old streets of this elegant area

To the music: