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Happy Release Day: Mountain Melody – Mulo Francel

The essence of the mountain becomes sound.
The vastness of the view becomes melody.

Mulo Francel is a saxophonist and globetrotter. With his ensemble Quadro Nuevo he has been traveling the world for 25 years. As if he wanted to get an overview, the multiple ECHO prize winner soars high in all these places.

Growing up at the foot of the Alps, mountaineering is a natural need for the instrumental artist.

“Up here, the mind gains a generous attitude. The problems and proportions of everyday life stay in the valley.”

Over several years, in different countries, Mulo Francel climbed with musical friends*. Sometimes arduous, but always in good spirits. Always with high quality recording equipment. Always with an instrument. On the almost 3000 meter high seat of the gods, Olympus, they dragged a bass-balalaika and a copper tube glockenspiel in addition to a saxophone and an Indian harmonium.

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International Jazz Day

For todays International Jazz Day here is our playlist with more than four hours of music:


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Happy Release Day: Forever Young – Nicole Heartseeker – Mulo Francel

A relaxed conversation. A fascinating dialogue. Across stylistic and temporal boundaries, a saxophone and a piano communicate with the old masters.
With a spirit of freedom and sensitivity, the duo Nicole Heartseeker and Mulo Francel spans a connection from the now to the classical era. Composers from Bach to Caccini, Schubert, Schumann to Piazzolla are given a completely new listening perspective and fall into a musical fountain of youth.

Here is the music:

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Happy Release Day: MARE from Quadro Nuevo


To the music:

Especially in times of lockdown it is important to dream. In the near future there will be few opportunities to listen to and watch music live. It has never been more important to bring dreams and visions home.

The Mediterranean lightness of being – Music from the sea – the sea full of dreams

Put on your sunglasses, listen to this music – and the trivial worries of everyday life are lost as blurred memories of a long gone yesterday in the distance.

MARE is the noise of waves that has become music.
MARE is a southern sea breeze that has always captured the imagination of Central Europeans.
MARE shines in all the beguiling sounds of a longed-for paradise and smells of dolce vita, ripe lemons and yellow bikinis.

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Susannata was one of Mulo Francel‘s first compositions from the early 90s.

It is the first piece he developed not on guitar or piano as usual, but on the soprano saxophone during an extended journey through Latin America, taking inspiration from Afro-Cuban music and playing it in the style of a fast 6/8 groove. Later it was played live by the band Mind Games for many evenings and recorded at concerts with the sparkling Brazilian trumpeter Claudio Roditi (see the album Mind Games & Claudio Roditi: Live).

The title of the song refers to a dedication to the pianist Susi Weiss, with whom Mulo Francel on saxophone, Quadro Nuevo colleague D.D. Lowka on bass and many other regiolnal musicians organized a Jazz Jam Session every Sunday in the tranquil Upper Bavarian town of Rosenheim. There was the small club Le Pirate. And from here the young musicians started their career.

Susannata was also an essential element of the Quadro Nuevo debut album Luna Rossa, where the virtuoso theme of the song was played by Robert Wolf on the flamenco guitar.


and another work from the series

CONTEMPLUM – Meditation – Contemplation – Music Flow

Stay Away and Play – Andreas Hinterseher

In the spring of 2020, almost all the musicians were banished to their homes and were no longer allowed to pursue their concert activities. Apart from all the consequences, there was one thing above all: being thrown back on the essentials, an encounter with oneself. Free from any distraction. Actually something that many of us have always wished for. In the strictest phase of the lockdown, Stay Away And Play  was created. In a meditative moment in the face of a completely empty diary and without contact with the outside world. In complete self-control, from composition to arrangement, from recording to the finished mix. Stay Away And Play