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Cinema Paradiso – Quadro Nuevo

On 6th of July Ennio Morricone died in Rome. The musicians of Quadro Nuevo consider him one of the greatest composers of our time. Shortly before his death they recorded one of his pieces:

Cinema Paradiso.

Ennio Morricone composed it together with his son Andrea as a sensitive musical theme on the film Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988) by the director and scriptwriter Giuseppe Tornatore

The film takes place over long distances in a small town in Sicily and sketches in a nostalgic and penetrating way the story of the local cinema, the enthusiastic projectionist Alfredo, who loses his eyesight in a fire, and his little helper, the Half-Wise Toto, who is shaped by his world and later becomes a director himself.

Cinema Paradiso will be released in October 2020 on the new Quadro Nuevo album MARE.



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Susannata was one of Mulo Francel‘s first compositions from the early 90s.

It is the first piece he developed not on guitar or piano as usual, but on the soprano saxophone during an extended journey through Latin America, taking inspiration from Afro-Cuban music and playing it in the style of a fast 6/8 groove. Later it was played live by the band Mind Games for many evenings and recorded at concerts with the sparkling Brazilian trumpeter Claudio Roditi (see the album Mind Games & Claudio Roditi: Live).

The title of the song refers to a dedication to the pianist Susi Weiss, with whom Mulo Francel on saxophone, Quadro Nuevo colleague D.D. Lowka on bass and many other regiolnal musicians organized a Jazz Jam Session every Sunday in the tranquil Upper Bavarian town of Rosenheim. There was the small club Le Pirate. And from here the young musicians started their career.

Susannata was also an essential element of the Quadro Nuevo debut album Luna Rossa, where the virtuoso theme of the song was played by Robert Wolf on the flamenco guitar.


and another work from the series

CONTEMPLUM – Meditation – Contemplation – Music Flow

Stay Away and Play – Andreas Hinterseher

In the spring of 2020, almost all the musicians were banished to their homes and were no longer allowed to pursue their concert activities. Apart from all the consequences, there was one thing above all: being thrown back on the essentials, an encounter with oneself. Free from any distraction. Actually something that many of us have always wished for. In the strictest phase of the lockdown, Stay Away And Play  was created. In a meditative moment in the face of a completely empty diary and without contact with the outside world. In complete self-control, from composition to arrangement, from recording to the finished mix. Stay Away And Play

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Yearning Lock Down Songs – LA NOSTALGIA PER Il MARE

Yearning Lock Down Songs – LA NOSTALGIA PER Il MARE

For someone who has spent most of his life travelling around the world, a sudden longer stay at home is a great relief.

A being thrown back on yourself. A pause for breath. A time in which the many experiences, which have often come at him far too quickly, reappear in his memory and sort themselves out in his mind.

Even if, like Andreas Hinterseher, one lives in a picturesque paradise in the midst of springlike exploding nature, there is a secret need for the barren coastal landscape of Croatia, for the sandy beaches of Italy, for the salt taste on the skin, for the southern sea. La Nostalgia per il Mare, the longing for the sea, a piano, a discreet drum set, a lively accordion and a velvety virtuoso flugelhorn paint this longing in colourful musical images.
Find the music here:

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Welcome to GLM Music!

GLM Music is an independent music company that is completely dedicated to music through its publishing house, label and booking department. Our music can be best described as jazz, world music, reggae and ambitious pop.

Since GLM Music was founded in 1988, we have compiled a rich catalog of quality productions and compositions, recorded and showcased by internationally renowned artists.

„Music for all senses“ is our prime motto because all our publications stand out through their impeccable quality. Be it a very special concert or the premium design of a CD or Vinyl LP – the listener will always experience something extraordinary. In addition to purely musical publications we have since decided to add elaborately produced audiobooks – music recorded by GLM artists, the words read by well-known voices and actors.

GLM Music’s owners have invested and continue to invest much blood, sweat and tears into their company. The GLM team and musicians see themselves as part of a family that is kept together with the love for music and appreciation of artistic achievements.

Artists like Quadro Nuevo, the Martina Eisenreich Quartett, Stefanie Boltz, Sven Faller, Levantino, Café del mundo, Willy Astor, Martin Kälberer – just to name a few – are a reflection of the wide musical spectrum of GLM. Many of them have won a variety of awards in different regions and categories. GLM houses ECHO Jazz award winners, cultural prize winners, Creole award winners, Jazz Award winners, audiobook prize winners and much more.